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Commodore: The Final Years

Commodore: The Final Years
Englischsprachiges Buch: Concluding the Commodore trilogy, this book takes a look at Commodore's resurgence in the late 1980's and then ultimate demise. This was a period of immense creativity from engineers within the company, who began “moonshot” projects using emerging CD-ROM technology. Get to know the people behind Commodore's successes and failures as they battle to stay relevant amidst blistering competition from Nintendo, Apple, and the onslaught of IBM PC clones. Told through interviews with company insiders, this examination of the now defunct company traces the engineering breakthroughs and baffling decisions that led to the demise of Commodore.

Erstausgabe, VOM AUTOR SIGNIERT, Hardcover mit Eindruck und Folienprägung.

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