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FPGASID - The better SID

FPGASID - The better SID

FPGASID - The ultimate SID replacement for your C64!

Why is FPGASID the better SID?
  • Accurate replication of the original SID MOS6581 and MOS8580
  • Exact reproduction of the digital sound generation part
  • Advanced models for all 6581 non-linearities
Many extra features on top of the original SID
  • FPGASID includes two fully functional SIDs for 6-voice stereo sound
  • Perfect audio quality - much better than the original SID!
  • Pseudo stereo mode mixes traditional tunes or game sounds to stereo
  • Digitize the analog input to 8-bit samples (in your own software)
  • Sample playback of 8-bit samples (in your own software)
  • Nice light organ effect visible when mounted in transparent case
  • Paddles readout even more accurate than the original SID
High compatibility
  • Works in any C64/SX64 or C128
  • Works with any software written for standard single SID computers
  • Works with large existing software base for dual SID stereo tunes
  • Paddle and 1351 Mouse support
  • Analog input EXTIN fully supported
Easy configuration with the software tool ConfiGuru
  • Individual configuration of every SID
  • Easy- and Expert configuration modes
  • Save up to two configuration sets permanently in flash memory
  • Easy update to new firmware directly on your C64
  • Diagnostic function to troubleshoot hardware problems
Easy installation
  • Installation done in 20 minutes
  • No soldering required for all main features (except external configuration switch, if needed)
  • Much smaller than traditional stereo boards thus avoiding installation trouble
Cables included
  • FPGASID standard version includes all internal cables for use in a C64 or SX64
  • To use FPGASID in a C128 you will need an extra cable. This comes included as well
  • We recommend our 'audio/video breakout cable' to access all video and audio signals with standard RCA receptacles. Including the second SID's audio output for stereo sound

Click here for installation instructions and more information

We recommend our audio/video breakout cable for best results!

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