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1.2 MB 5.25-Zoll Diskettenlaufwerk (flippy mod)

1.2 MB 5.25-Zoll Diskettenlaufwerk (flippy mod)
Nur ein Laufwerk pro Kunde in Verbindung mit einer (früheren) Bestellung eines KryoFlux Boards. Abgabe nur an Verbraucher.

Newtronics DV509 1.2 MB 5.25-inch Floppy Disk Drive, ideal for software preservation, brand new and unused, tested & aligned, can access up to track 82, grey or black bezel. This drive can read so called "flipper disks" which were written on single head drives where the disk was flipped to read the other side. Standard dual-headed drives can not read such disks due to their head offset of 8 tracks (80 track drives) between the upper and the lower side heads.

It is therefore ideal to read and write 8-bit disks, e.g. C64, Apple ][ and others.*

This drive (unused, new old stock "NOS") has been modified for one-pass dumping of dual sided disks that were originally written with single headed drives. The relative head alignment has been re-arranged. It can therefore not be used to read 5.25" disks written with a standard double sided drive.

Generic photo, actual item may vary.

* Write support is limited to formats supported by DTC or raw writing (for index-aligned disks).

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