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Commodore: The Amiga Years

Commodore: The Amiga Years
Englischsprachiges Buch: Continuing the story of Commodore where Brian Bagnall's previous book, Commodore: A Company on the Edge left off, this book takes a look at Commodore's most tumultuous years. How did the Amiga, a computer now widely regarded as having been five years ahead of its competition, fail to win in the marketplace? The author takes an in-depth look at the people behind Commodore's plunge into irrelevance and bankruptcy. The often unflattering picture that emerges is one of executives who had little understanding of how to market their product to the public and a company struggling to remain relevant. Told through interviews with company insiders, this examination of the now defunct company traces the engineering breakthroughs and baffling decisions that led to the demise of Commodore.

Erstausgabe, Hardcover mit Eindruck und Folienprägung.

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